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In light of the COVID-19 crisis…

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, we have had to cancel all of our normal public fundraising activities indefinitely. This has reduced the care facility’s available incoming funds to single digit percentages compared to our pre-Corona virus abilities.

So far we have been able to provide all of the normal care for these animals without changing much. Yes, some supplies have been altered slightly from what we normally use because of shortages, but not to the point of running out completely yet. We have also been able to make our normal food orders for the intakes. All current vet bills are paid in full, and our in-house first-aid/medical supplies for the intakes are stocked.

That said, ALL of these things run out fairly quickly and we are doing our best to adjust to more social-distance friendly ways to raise funds.

In the meantime, we are asking for your help for these animals and the future of our efforts here at Reptile Bliss.

Below are a few ways you can help directly:

If you would like to make a direct donation, you can use this “Donate” button, and it will take you directly to PayPal for a secure transaction.

NOTE: All financial transactions are being handled through our development & marketing company, MidWestGlobal.com. This is the same company that owns our sibling brands – Retic Life, Burm Life, ReptiManiac, Absolute Fanatic Gear – which were created exclusively to support the Reptile Bliss care facility and our educational/outreach programs.

Another way you can help us is to #GearUP! at our awesome fundraising partner sites!

100% of the proceeds from these sites go DIRECTLY to help the animals in need at Reptile Bliss.

We also have a  Reptile Bliss Amazon Wish List if you would like to send us something that we need from Amazon!