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Lots of people ask what we do here at Reptile Bliss, and the Reptile Bliss Resort. Well, mostly we’re a care facility that specializes in behavioral therapy, feeding therapy, & light medical/health care (outpatient care, post veterinarian care, etc.), and a sort of triage for rescue/surrender animals.

We also work with our local law enforcement agencies & animal control divisions to make sure that they have resources available to deal with reptiles and other animals in need. We provide assistance in transporting, housing, rehabilitating, and relocating/rehoming animals that need attention beyond what the typical municipal/county shelters are equipped or trained to deal with.

The other thing we focus on is educational and outreach efforts. Giving the public a chance to see these animals for what they truly are is one most valuable services we can provide. From shows, seminars, and festivals, to visiting schools and bringing people into our facility to get a chance to experience the real world of reptiles, and caring for them. It’s a labor of love, and something we’ve dedicated 100% of our resources and efforts to. It’s our full-time job, and we’d have it no other way.

That said, as we move through 2021, we are working on some amazing things, and have been able to entertain some phenomenal opportunities. More on that later, but just know that BIG things are possible, and that we are putting ALL of our resources – Reptile Bliss, ReptiManiac, Retic Life, CHET, RRA, and every ounce of our passion for these animals – into making sure that we not only create better options for animals in need, reptile/exotic pet owners, and our municipal, county and other community efforts/rescues/agencies… but that the general public has the opportunity to see our community in a better light, and learn enough to overcome the abundance of folklore and misinformation that causes so much of the unfounded fear of these, and many other creatures.

Please join us in these efforts. Be responsible keepers. Be educators. Be animal WELFARE networkers. Volunteer to help ANY legitimate local organization – HANDS ON! Be a positive example of the herpetology community. Love your animals, but also love any opportunity to share your passion with the world.

We chose to care for these animals, so we owe it to them to be this dedicated and diligent in our efforts to make this a better world for them, even if life only affords us a little time each week to do so.

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Thank you for your support!

–The Reptile Bliss Crew

Reptile & Exotic Pet Services for the herpetology industry and local community keepers


          • Behavioral/Feeding Therapy
          • Light Medical/Outpatient care & Rehabilitation
          • Transport & Triage for Animals in Need
          • Law Enforcement/Emergency Services Support
          • Species Identification & Relocation
          • Educational Programs & Husbandry Training
          • Short & Long Term Boarding
          • On-Site Habitat & Care Consultation